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Lacey is a true talent developer. She has tremendous energy and passion, and helps people become their best version of themself.

JoAnne Bass

19th Chief Master Sergeant of the

United States Air Force

Finding someone who is passionate about growing and developing others is hard to come by. Mrs. Alexander is one of those people…. Her patience, ability to perform well under pressure, attention to detail and her love of developing people are definitely qualities that are needed in today’s fast-paced environments.

Sheneke Harris

Author, Podcaster, Blogger


If I were to sum up Lacey in a word, it would be “Professional”. Few people are so strategically minded yet able to care for people and minute details so artfully at the task level. I always admired her talent for giving every person in a crowd the feeling of individual attention. When Lacey speaks about team development and success, she speaks from abundant experience.

Geoff Weimer

Command Chief Master Sergeant

US Air Force Retired

Lacey uses her positivity and connectedness to bring people together in order to make visions into reality.

Karen Atil​es, PMC

Leadership Coach, Lifelong Development

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