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A safe, supportive partnership to challenge you to produce results and bringing out your best.

I do this by:

  • Encouraging client self-discovery
  • Eliciting client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Holding the client responsible and accountable to achieve their goals

This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their confidence to unlock potential.

Compare our coaching packages and find the best fit for you


Coaching Partnership 

With Newsela

Thank you so much for helping me work through some big challenges. This promotion was not an easy transition and your calm presence and guidance really helped me embrace this opportunity for what it was -growth!

Lacey did an incredible job of reflecting back insights about my work and how I was feeling about my job that I didn't know I already had thoughts about. I think for me, that style was really effective, but I know it may not work for everyone. She asked such great questions, even when they were super obvious, and they helped me to hear what I was saying and then think about how I could find ways to fix what was fixable, or to approach things differently so that my frame of mind was more clear. I think I was originally skeptical about this working, but I do feel more equipped to advocate for myself with my teams and managers and in this job so that I can feel like a more confident employee.

Coaching Partnership With FGS Global

Coaching Partnership With Warby Parker

Thank you for making my first experience with coaching a great one! I feel like I have grown a ton in just a few sessions. I know what I want out of my career going forward.

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