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Let's Partner to Transform Your Life Through Coaching

Embark on a secure and supportive partnership designed to empower you to achieve tangible results and bring out your best self. I facilitate this transformative journey by:

  • Encouraging Client Self-Discovery: Guiding you in exploring your strengths, values, and aspirations, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Eliciting Client-Generated Solutions and Strategies: Empowering you to formulate your own solutions and strategies, ensuring they align with your unique goals and objectives

  • Holding the Client Responsible and Accountable: Providing the structure and support necessary for you to take ownership of your goals, fostering accountability and commitment

This process is a catalyst for significant improvements in your outlook on both work and life, enhancing your confidence and unlocking your untapped potential. Let's work together to create positive and lasting change.

Your journey begins now—let's create a roadmap to the extraordinary life you deserve. Are you ready to take the first step?

Our Approach

Goal-Driven approach to achieve meaningful objectives for career advancement

Maintains confidential & supportive environment to foster trust in addressing personal challenges 

Personalized coaching tailored to participants unique experiences and goals for an impactful experience


DE&I Focus

  • Focused on fostering a safe & inclusive space for personal & professional growth

  • Recognizes unique cultural challenges to provide coaching to empower underrepresented individuals

  • Acknowledges intersectionality of identities, understanding challenges that arise from individual lived experiences


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Key Benefits

  • Promotes the development of valuable skills to position oneself as a leader in the workplace
  • Focuses on strategies to enhance confidence and assertiveness to navigate and thrive in their careers

  • Develops practical tools and skills to overcome barriers and seize  and advocate for career advancement opportunities

All Hands In
Together, we'll amplify your team's potential and cultivate an environment where everyone thrives.

Let's connect to explore tailored strategies to elevate your organization's DE&I support

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Coaching Partnership with Newsela
“Thank you so much for helping me work through some big challenges. This promotion was not an easy transition and your calm presence and guidance really helped me embrace this opportunity for what it was - growth!"
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