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Lacey Alexander

Founder & CEO of Creative Solutions A2Z


Creative Solutions A2Z is a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential and create the life they want. We recognize how important personal growth and organizational success are in today's world. We strive to help bridge any gaps that limit personal or organizational growth, while fostering inclusivity, improving efficiencies, and streamlining processes.

We offer tailored services, developmental courses and professional coaching to provide the necessary guidance essential for unlocking hidden talents to enable our clients with the necessary resources to maximize performance.

With a comprehensive background in leading multi-national and multi-cultural teams, adult education, human resource management, leadership coaching, business management, team building, diversity equity & inclusion (DEI), resilience, and more, we are passionate about helping people grow while optimizing performance for organizational success in locations all over the world.


We empower our clients with the skills and resources they need for change while striving for excellence in performance optimization, organizational culture enhancement, inclusion fostering, process streamlining - all of which will cultivate thriving environments where individuals can reach success.


A leader in providing collaborative solutions, as well as personalized support critical for achieving success on both an individual and collective effort. Driven to create a world driven by passion-filled professionals who align purpose with values, optimize their strengths, and achieve goals – both for themselves or for their organizations.



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